What Do You Really Know About Halloween...?


UnNerved Haunted House presents FORGOTTEN FEARS

Trick or Treat!Sweet candy and store bought costumes.

Virgin sacrifices and rituals of Samhain.

Cute black cats and happy little ghosts.

Druids in the dark woods, surrounding their next victim.

Excitedly carving pumpkins at parties with goofy grins.

Frantically carving turnips like demons, hoping to keep them at bay.

What do you really know about Halloween?

We have forgotten its roots. We have forgotten the blood, the torture, the fear of the dead.

Where myths were real and superstitions could kill you.

The veil between the living and the dead is a thin one, a delicate one. And it has been broken.

It is time to remember.

To remember the FORGOTTEN FEARS.

Can you handle it? Or is just handing out a candy bar more your style?

We challenge you,


for those who can face it, Unnerved Haunted House presents Forgotten Fears.